Live reports

January 07, 2008
Amorphis @ Gagarin 205

\r\nAmorphis is a very unique case of a band. Combining 70’s heavy rock with atmospheric/gothic elements and death metal certainly makes them completely original, and I was wondering how many people they would attract, once they have the so-called ‘commercial potential’. Although some doubted the success of the gig, the people that showed up at Gagarin205 were quite a lot, between 800 and 900, and that was a relief, because Amorphis is a band with great quality, and they definitely deserve to play in front of big audiences.

December 11, 2007
Iron Maiden @ Terra Vibe

\r\nWatching an Iron Maiden concert is a life experience no matter how many times you have seen them in the past..

November 10, 2007

\r\nWednesday night is not the best day to plan a gig, so the success of the Forever Slave/Firewind/Kamelot concert was under serious doubt. When reaching Fuzz club though, it became obvious that no matter the day, the place would be packed. In such cases people expect the main act to attract the attention (Kamelot in this case), but it was clear that the Firewind fans were as many as those of Kamelot, if not the majority.

November 07, 2007
Dark Fortress @ Underworld Club

When I heard Dark Fortress for the very first time, I didn’t believe that I would watch them one day in a live appearance in my country and also with a so reasonable price in the ticket (for European standards, because for Greek I do not remember when it was the last time that I gave less than 20 Euros in order to I see a concert with foreign headliners).

September 28, 2007
Vicious Rumors @ Underworld Club

There are times the anticipation is so high for a band/artist that everything ’willing’ to go wrong can easily spoil your nerves system, no string attached. Waiting all these years to see the great US Heavy/Speed/Thrash Metal monsters AGENT STEEL for ’x’ years and - eventually - listening to a performance of not more than 6(!) songs can give a brief idea of what the mood of most of the crowd was at that time.

September 09, 2007
Glenn Hughes @ Mylos 1927 - Larissa

\r\nThere are very few times when I left the venue of a show with a feeling of absolute completion. You see if you go to a show with high expectations and the band doesn’t perform up to them the disappointment is so bitter that you don’t want to talk about it at all. Or you can go to the show and something minor such as a delay in the bands performance, or the bad sound spoils the effect and you’re left with the eagerness and the feeling of starvation you had before you even saw the band. \r\n

September 07, 2007

\r\nAbout 4 years since their last appearance in Greece, "Dark Tranquillity" returned ready to rock us once more! I arrived at the venue where they were performing (Gagarin), the doors opened around 7:30 and the space started filling up with fans. The night though was not uneventful... a bit after 9 o’ clock as the crowd was waiting patiently for "Samael" (co-headliners) to open the show saw instead Dark Tranquillity entering the stage.

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